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Ejector Pump Replacement
Addendum to Rules & Regulations Book

Please be aware of the following amendment to the RS&W Rules & Regulations:

E3.a All Pumps located inside the home or immediately adjacent to the structure, must obtain a
non-monetary permit, approved by RS&W, prior to purchase or replacement of the pump.
ALL pumps MUST be compatible with the RS&W Low Pressure Pump System.

Anyone found to be in violation of the same will be fined and services will be terminated. The RS&W new Low Pressure Pump System was designed to work efficiently, for approximately 4000 homes, providing a consistent type of hydraulics to make this $80 million plus dollar upgrade successful. Any pump that is not exactly to the specification can cause SEVERE backups and/or system failures.

This serves as FORMAL NOTICE to all residents. Any person(s) found to be disregarding this notice,
resulting in system back-up or failure, will be held financially responsible for the monetary costs associated.

Click Here for RS&W's Rules & Regulations

rswa officeWelcome to the Roamingwood Sewer & Water website! As a customer of RS&W, we ask that you visit this website on a regular basis to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information or announcements. Through this website, we have provided access to many documents to help answer your questions and to update you on projects, events, and initiatives that relate to your water and sewer service. We are in the process of updating our website to better connect with our customers and the community, and we will be working to keep the information as current as possible. If there is anything that you feel should be added, clarified, or if there is a website bug/error, please let us know via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RS&W Requests E-mail and Cell Phone Numbers
We are improving how we stay in contact
with our valued customers. In the near future,
we wish to provide the following features:

*Improved Construction Information
*Service & Billing Alerts
*Subscribe to our Electronic Newsletter

Rules & Regulations (effective May 2017)

Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association has just released an updated version of our Rules & Regulations, effective May 2017.
The document can be viewed by clicking here.

RS&W "Three-Strike Rule", Prohibitions, Special Treatment for Outdoor Grinder Pump System

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please click here for Roamingwood Sewer & Water's "Three-Strike Rule" regarding prohibited waste, devices and special treatment regarding your outdoor grinder pump system.

Upcoming Board Meeting

 The next meeting is scheduled for
Wednesday, July 25th
at 5:00pm at our Main Office.

Stage 3 Construction Underway

RSWA Construction Progress 20180716Map Updated: 2018-07-16

Click here for larger image [PDF]

The excavation work for the third and final stage of the sewer and water upgrade will continue in all parts of the South Side of the community. The installation of the street side grinder pumps  will continue on Lakeview Drive West.   The Lateral crew will start installing on the East side focusing their efforts on Grandview Drive, Glenwood Lane, and Roamingwood Road. Installation of the new sewer and water mains  will continue on Lakeview Drive toward the main gate. Expect delays in  this area because traffic will be restricted to one lane.  A viable option would be to utilize the North Gate by accessing Miller Road (always refer to our website for the latest map).  Main line installation will then move to Parkwood Drive, Cedarwood Terrace and Lakewood Drive.  With the expected warmer temperatures, the contractor is planning on patching the roads in preparation for paving which will result in localized traffic delays and detours.

With construction, please understand it is not unusual for plans to change at a moment’s notice.  We ask that the members of the community be patient with us and respect the safety of the workers in the construction zones.  When working on the roads we do our very best to utilize detours. Unfortunately detours are not always available and the best route is around the lake.  Please be aware of this situation and always give yourself plenty of time to make your appointments.

There are a few houses still in need of an initial inspection. If you have not met with one of our inspectors to review the project compliances and what your home requires, it is urgent that you please call the Project Management Office to schedule an appointment.  Additionally, some houses that have been inspected, have not had the control box installed, RS&W Project Management Office has contacted every homeowner we have on record, if you are a new homeowner and/or you are not certain if your home has been fitted with a control panel, please call the Project Management Office at (570) 698-6162 Option #2 to schedule an appointment for your house.” 

Parkwood Drive / Lakewood Drive Detour (from Main Gate to Lakeview Drive West): Turn left onto Parkwood Dr (0.4 mi), Turn right onto Underwood Ln (0.4 mi), Turn left onto Lakewood Dr (0.2 mi), Turn right onto Cedarwood Terrace (0.2 mi), Turn right onto Parkwood Dr (495 ft), Turn left onto Lakeview Dr W

Stage 3 (Remaining Areas, as of August 2016)

1-20, 37-53, 125-133, 155-172, 174, 175, 298-315, 326-362, 407-456, 462-610, 620-669, 684-752, 820-845, 1027-1061, 1082-1103, 1126-1231, 1298-1341, 1481-1484, 1516-1571, 1592-1619, 1644-1655, 1713-1745, 1770-1773, 1807-1857, 1885-1890, 1903-2062, 2072-2147, 2264-2270, 2273-2275

Latest Information

Annual Water Quality Report 2017 Available Now

The Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association is issuing the results of monitoring conducted on your drinking water for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016. The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.  You will receive a copy of the report in your mail this month of April. Additional copies of the report are available at the RS&W Office.  

The report can also be viewed online at:

Drinking water, know what’s in it for you!

New Permit Applications Forms Available

Effective September 7th, 2012, forms for the new water and sewer connection permit application process will be available at the Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association’s office. Note that the permits are only required for new construction. Click the links below to view a sample (not for submission) application and a checklist of the items and steps involved.

Sample Permit Application
Permit Checklist

New Phone System Features

RS&W has implemented new features to our telephone system to quickly direct our customers to the right department.

Dial (570) 698-6162...
Operator: “You’ve reached the offices of Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association.

Please listen carefully to the following menu... 

  • If this is a Water or Service Emergency, Press 1
  • To speak to someone in the Project Management Office concerning System Upgrades, Press 2
  • If you would like to speak to someone concerning a General Business or Billing issue, Press 3
  • If you know your party's extension, Press 4

Account Link Access & Online Bill Pay

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About Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association

We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 40 miles of water distribution mains and over 48 miles of wastewater (sewage) collection mains. Our staff, which performs these vital functions, has a total of over 125 years of work experience at RS&W.  Learn More...