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Welcome to the RS&W website!

rswa officeAs a customer of RS&W, we ask that you visit this website on a regular basis to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest information or announcements. Through this website, we have provided access to many documents to help answer your questions and to update you on projects, events, and initiatives that relate to your water and sewer service. We are in the process of updating our website to better connect with our customers and the community, and we will be working to keep the information as current as possible. If there is anything that you feel should be added, clarified, or if there is a website bug/error, please let us know via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Service News

Final Approval Granted from USDA and Regulating Agencies to Bid Treatment Plant Facility Upgrade Project

We are VERY EXCITED to be making the following announcement:

Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association Agent of South Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority has received formal approvals from regulating agencies and USDA (funding sources) to advertise bidding for the upgrading to the wastewater treatment plant upgrades. All project documents and engineering designs have been reviewed and approved to be compliant with all State and Federal requirements and, as required, has been reviewed to be compliant with Open and Free Competition.

This project is estimated at a cost of $10,500,000 including an awarded a $4,210,000 grant to assist Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association. This project includes extensive upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant facility, that has been in operation for nearly 40 years now and serves over 4,000 properties within the Hideout Community. Most of the treatment equipment and facility buildings are original and will be updated in this 10.5-million-dollar renovation.

The project includes upgrades and replacement of equipment at the wastewater treatment plant, which includes:

  • * rehabilitation of two 1.0-million-gallon equalization tanks and associated aeration system
  • * rehabilitation of two secondary clarifiers units
  • * replacement of two aerobic digesters
  • * replacement of emergency generator
  • * replacement of electrical equipment, which power all plant operations and related electrical controls
  • * rehabilitation and repurposing of the existing Control/Operations building
  • * the addition of a maintenance garage
  • * new chemical feed for copper removal
  • * replacement of chorine disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) disinfection
  • * miscellaneous pumps, valves and ancillary equipment replacement and Odor Control.

With these treatment plant updates, and in concert with the recently upgraded low pressure sewer & water infrastructure, this puts these systems as one of the most advanced systems in the country.

These wastewater treatment plant upgrades can improve operations and continue to provide reliable State and Federal regulatory complaint service to the community. In addition, the grant will provide for stable rates in the near future.

—Jack Lennox, Executive Director, RS&W




Thank You for your Service, Tony Sabia!

SABIASouth Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority and Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Anthony Sabia, for his many years of dedicated service on the SWCWSA Board of Directors ( 2013) and his long time commitment as Chairman of our Election Committee (2005).

Tony, your service, passion and dedication to this organization, has been instrumental to the betterment of the organization. Your presence as our steadfast Chairman of the Election committee, insured fairness and honesty throughout the process. As did your service and commitment to the SWCWSA Board. With our recent milestone accomplishment of the Infrastructure replacement Project and the future Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrades, you have seen us through some monumental changes. Your energy, enthusiasm and giant personality will be missed on the SWCWSA Board, but we look forward to your continued service on our Election Committee. We wish you the best!



"To whom it may concern:

Especially the woman who called me:

I am a new resident of the hideout ! I closed on June 4 th 2021 At this time I would like to thank one of your workers and any one else involved who called me on or about 15 or 16 of June to let me know a worker noticed an unusual large am't of water being used contentiously !! I then noted to the person that I was not at the residence and out of state. I then asked her to shut the water off at the curb until I got back. When I got back I found out that the hot water tank broke. I replaced the tank and had to have remediation done and repair some damages ! The reason why I am telling you this if it were not for the person checking the meter and saw my problem. And notified me. To shut my water. It would have leaked for another day or two until I got back!! Then there would have been much more extensive damage.

Therefore I am extending my thanks and gratitude to the person or persons who noted the problem ! Be assured that I feel that the personal who works at RWSW are doing a good job. Please let everyone know.

Thanking you again for the concern you had shown in this Matter!"

Ralph L, Lakeview Drive


Service Notices

Odor Is A Top Priority

Dear Hideout Community,
odorcontrol article

Roamingwood Sewer & Water (RS&W) would like to assure the community, that your concerns regarding odors coming from our wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) have been heard and aggressively addressed. We will cover, in this letter, a brief history of the Hideout’s conveyance system, the odors coming from the plant, the causes of these odors and the remediation efforts that have taken place to mitigate this issue going forward.

Although we have addressed in many past articles the lifespan of the original system, we would like to offer a brief history for our newer homeowners in the community. Thirty years ago, the Hideout installed, a community wide drinking water, gravity sewer conveyance system and WWTP. At that time, the WWTP was designed specifically for this system and worked effectively. Throughout the years, however, the system deteriorated to a point, that by 2010, it was experiencing 70% infiltration of groundwater into our influent volume of the sewage treatment system, along with numerous water main breaks. As this deterioration was increasing, modifications had to be made to the existing treatment process, to address a higher volume of groundwater in our waste system. Subsequently, RS&W was required to prepare a mandated Corrective Action Plan in 2010. This was completed with BCM Engineering and in cooperation with PaDEP, to replace the entire water and sewer infrastructure. As of 2018, all three (3) stages have been completed. The completion of this project, in conjunction with the installation of a completely new Low-Pressure Pump System (LPPS), has once again changed the dynamic of our treatment process, ultimately, the primary culprit of our current odor situation. RS&W is now in the process of a fourth (4th) and final stage, a redesign of our WWTP. This design will address process upgrades and modifications, to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies and improve on minimizing odors emitted from the plant. It must be stated, there will never be a 100% eradication of odors, but the appropriate process will reduce it to more infrequent occurrences and significantly less offensive levels.

Odor Control has been a priority and non-stop effort for our staff. RS&W has taken, aggressive measures to minimize odors from the WWTP. Our primary control sources are currently two (2) permanent odor control stations, installed in Stage Two (2) and Stage Three (3) of the Infrastructure Project. These stations are visible on Lakeview Dr E by the dam and Lakeview Dr W across from Deerfield Rd. They inject a chemical called Endimal into the waste system and are increased or decreased in correlation to demand. Additionally, in summer 2019, when the odors were at their highest, an Endimal injection site had been set up at our Headworks, this is where the system first releases the raw sewage to the atmosphere, and it successfully reduced them. What we have seen is the odor issue is being resolved up to the plant, but then are regenerating through our treatment process. Our most recent attempt to mitigate odor, was to inject Endimal directly into our digesters, as this is the area where the source of the odors are emanating. To further mitigate this situation, the frequency of our sludge removal has been increased, to minimize the opportunity for it to emit odors.

RS&W has consulted with several agencies whose primary function is to monitor and mitigate odors, associated with wastewater. Professionals have been brought in to test our sewage and perform air sampling, to calculate the appropriate Endimal dosage rates to minimize odors. It is not just simply a matter of applying a chemical, it is important that we are applying the correct chemical for our needs. Results have indicated the Endimal product is the appropriate chemical for our system’s needs. To ensure this is done efficiently and effectively, specific testing is being performed to ensure the levels we are injecting, are not affecting the Nitrification Process in our WWTP. The odor control buildings monitoring equipment are being integrated into our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) to allow programming to inject appropriate levels of chemical, as well as, to alert our staff to issues. This allows our staff to remediate the issues more quickly and efficiently. RS&W has also recently purchased three (3) air sampling instruments to assist in continually optimizing any odors from the wastewater system.

We appreciate your frustrations, and while we await the groundbreaking to renovate the WWTP, all measures and resources available to our organization, will be pursued to minimize the odors that occur, in the areas around the plant.

Drinking Water Quality Statement

Published: 10/02/2019

Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association’s (RSWA) Mission is to be the provider of the highest quality water and sewer service in Northeast Pennsylvania. We will achieve this mission through our commitment to the Association members, the Hideout Community, and the environment.

RSWA, a nonprofit municipal entity, is held to strict regulatory standards of our water quality and takes pride in supplying impeccable water quality to their customers. Our required, disinfection residuals are analyzed continuously (24/7) at every well logging in over 175,000 required readings annually. Electronic records are then submitted to the PaDEP to meet regulation requirements. In addition to our chlorine residuals in 2018, RSWA and its accredited third-party laboratories have tested and uploaded analysis for the required 2,180 parameter entries in the PaDEP database meeting all EPA and PaDEP required regulatory parameters. In 2019 to date, RSWA and its third-party laboratories tested and uploaded analysis for 1,661 parameter entries in the PaDEP database meeting all EPA and PaDEP required regulatory parameters so far for the year. For more detailed information on our water quality, a required Annual Water Quality Report is sent to every customer annually and is also available electronically on our web site at https://www.roamingwood.com/about/water-quality-report.

RSWA always welcomes any member to contact us directly with questions and concerns. We have a very well educated and caring staff, that will go above and beyond to put your concerns to rest and assist you in any way we can to help you understand your water & sewer system. We encourage you to get educated, as well, about the future of water, not only in our small community, but nationwide. This will be affecting all corners of our country in the very near future.
As always, we are here for the community. Our board members are your members, our staff takes pride in their work and helping you with your concerns.


Many of the homes in the Hideout are approaching the 20-30-year-old mark. Likely, so are their Water & Sewer laterals that run from the house to the service connection. This is the average lifespan of a water service line. Sewer lines, generally being made of rigid plastic piping, tend to withstand a heartier lifespan, but are not immune to earth’s ever shifting surface.

Per RS&W Rules & Regulations, the service lines are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and repair. With the increasing number of houses in the above-mentioned age range, we are seeing a steady rate of water service line leaks. This often takes a homeowner by surprise, not only emotionally, but financially as well. A repair / replacement usually consists of hiring an excavator to dig the line and lay a new one. It can become an expensive project. There are not many options available, other than putting aside funds for such emergencies or looking into a Service Lateral Insurance policy. RS&W encourages members to research their options and contact their own Homeowners Insurance Companies to educate yourself.

Unfortunately, most broken sewer laterals can go undetected for a long period of time. As the RS&W infrastructure replacement project heads into the completion of its 3rd and final stage, our crews have been, as a requirement mandated by the PaDEP, scoping the sewer service laterals of every gravity line home in the community. To date, several letters have been sent to homeowners in Stages 1, 2 & 3 advising them of broken, blocked or otherwise concerning issues found during this process. We expect there to be more to come, as we are receiving the final reports for Stage 3, from the contractor. PaDEP is requiring that all infiltration issues be repaired, as part of the overall Corrective Action Plan as it affects the overall efficiency and environmental impact of our system. Homeowner’s who are notified of an immediate need must respond accordingly and have the lateral repaired. Fines and Fees will be assessed to any noncompliant permits issued in these instances. Most sewer lateral repairs are “spot fixes” and can generally be completed quickly and cost effectively.

RS&W is aware that a repair like this can come as an unexpected shock. We will do our best to work with homeowners, regarding time, in getting these repairs completed. However, please understand, a water lateral repair can affect our water loss significantly and will generally have to be addressed more quickly, should we not be able to leave service off until the repair is completed.

If you have questions regarding any of the information provided, please feel free to contact RS&W and we will gladly assist you. We thank you and we look forward to your anticipated cooperation, as we head toward a new era in our community with a healthy water/sewer infrastructure and environment to enjoy for years to come.

Sewer Service Lateral Repair Letter
Service Line Leak Repair Letter


Latest Reports

Annual Water Quality Report 2021 Available Now

The Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association is issuing the results of monitoring conducted on your drinking water for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2020. The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.  You will receive a copy of the report in your mail in the month of April. Additional copies of the report are available at the RS&W Office.  


Drinking water, know what’s in it for you!

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Should You Flush That Wipe? | MSNBC

The short answer is no.

An investigation into the booming industry of personal care wipes and what all those wipes are doing to America's sewage system.

A message from our Project Manager

DxDNkOIXcAAg4GWAs the sewer and water project nears completion, one important fact to realize, as a property owner with an EcoTran basin, is the presence of an underground wire on your property running from the control box to the grinder pump.

If you plan on excavating or performing any renovations that require earth disturbance like an addition or a deck, a mandatory PA1 call must be made, by your contractor, to locate your wire prior to any earth disturbance.

Be advised any damage that occurs to the wire or control box, as the homeowner, you will be financially responsible for the repair costs.

Call: To place a dig or design notification in Pennsylvania, please call 8-1-1 or 1-800-242-1776 (outside PA) or visit: www.roamingwood.com/811

Ejector Pump Replacement
Addendum to Rules & Regulations Book

RS&W Management and Board of Directors would like to clarify the purpose and scope of the letter that was recently sent to all members. In our efforts to address, what will be, a future necessity regarding the safety and operation of the new Low-Pressure Pump System (LPPS), the letter sent out may not have accurately addressed the scope of the new amendment to our Rules & Regulations. In light of the confusion over the letter’s verbiage, some changes have been made to the E3.a rule’s wording. These changes will hopefully clarify who is directly affected by this amendment.

Requirement of the permit and type of pump, as indicated in Rule E12.

E12. All sewage ejection pumps in The Hideout must be installed in the structure and / or immediately adjacent to the structure and must be using either a Barnes Indoor Unit OGVH 2022 L or Barnes Outdoor Unit OGVH 2022 CE to be compatible with RS&W system requirements. Basin capacity must be 50 gallon.

Please see below how the rule may affect you:

Retrofit Pump (direct grinder ejection pump inside/adjacent to the structure installed during the Infrastructure Replacement Project) – Future replacement of the pump requires a permit and the purchase of a compatible pump for the LPPS.

Ejector pump to EcoTran Basin (indirect pump inside/adjacent to structure) – Future replacement of the pump requires permit to confirm system will NOT be affect by replacement of pump in house.

EcoTran Basin (rock covered basin at the street, maintained by RS&W) – EcoTran basin customers are NOT affected by this rule. Ejector Pump Replacement- Addendum to Rules & Regulations Book 

E3.a All Pumps located inside the home or immediately adjacent to the structure, must obtain a non-monetary permit, approved by RS&W, prior to purchase or replacement of the pump. ALL retrofitted direct grinder ejection pumps, installed by RS&W during the Infrastructure Replacement Project, MUST be compatible with the new Low-Pressure Pump System (LPPS).

Click Here for RS&W's Rules & Regulations

About Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association

We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 40 miles of water distribution mains and over 48 miles of wastewater (sewage) collection mains. Our staff, which performs these vital functions, has a total of over 125 years of work experience at RS&W.  Learn More...