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Long-Term Lease Renter Policy

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In an effort to more accurately account for water usage and the ability to contact a resident in a water emergency, the Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association (RS&W) Board of Directors has passed the Long Term/Lease Rental Registration Policy.


Long-Term Lease Renter Policy

All members will be required to advise their tenants to register at the RS&W Offices upon signing a lease or other long term agreement.  ALL adult residents must be listed on the registration form with an address and contact number.   As policy adopted by the RS&W Board of Directors Effective May 2017, Sewer & Water fees MUST be built into the lease agreement and paid by the member or property management company.* Should an account go into delinquency, the member is ultimately responsible for payment.  All delinquent procedures will follow the property and the member.

Termination of Services:
At no time will RS&W terminate services on behalf of a member solely for the purpose to evict a tenant. RS&W’s Termination of Services policy is mandated by the state and the stipulations of the Utility Services Tenants Rights Act.  Please see Discontinuance of Service (A8.1), in the revised Rules & Regulations Book.  You may access this at www.roamingwood.com or pick up a copy at our office. 

High Use: 
In the event of a notification of High Usage at a rental property, both the member and the tenant will be notified. Coordination between both parties is expected to facilitate a prompt repair when required.  High usage that is not corrected will result in surcharges on the quarterly bill, should the usage exceed 25,000 gal that quarter. Failure to make repairs in a timely manner, could result in Termination of Services. 

Meter Care:
It will be the responsibility of the member to instruct proper care of the meter, if it is located inside the home or crawl space.  Adequate heat and insulation is necessary to prevent freezing.  Knowledge of the main shut off valve’s location should also be known in the event of a water emergency.  At no time is the meter to be tampered with. Only an RS&W technician is authorized to repair or otherwise service this meter. 

*Starting 6/1/2017 members with tenants who pay directly to Roamingwood sewer and water will be required to adjust monthly rental payments to include the sewer & water fees. Any lease renewals after 7/1/2017, will be required to contain a provision wherein the sewer & water fees are built into the monthly rental payment. 

** (UTILITY SERVICE TENANTS RIGHTS ACT: Act of Nov. 26, 1978, P.L. 1255, No. 299 Cl. 66 AN ACT)