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Drought Watch Remains for 36 Counties, DEP Asks for Continued Voluntary Water Conservation

 2022 09 Drought

"The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today after a meeting of the Commonwealth Drought Task Force that, despite recent rainfall, 36 counties remain on drought watch, with continued voluntary water conservation requested."

Click here for more details.

grinderpumpbasin1*EcoTran Pump Basin


RS&W easement.  Identifiable by faux rock cover.


Grinder pump lifts sewage into Low Pressure Sewerage System (LPSS).


  • Never turn power off to the pump.  (After a power outage alarm may go off, should silence itself.)
  • Do not remove the lid to the basin.
  • Contact RS&W immediately for any issues.





basinalarmpanel1*EcoTran Alarm Panel:

Attached to the foundation/exterior of house. Wired to main panel inside home.

Provides power to EcoTran grinder basin. Panel will go into alarm when pump is not functioning properly.


  • Do not tamper with or disconnect panel
  • There is a trench line from the panel to the pump. Call 811 PA-1 Call, before digging in the vicinity.
  • Contact RS&W immediately for any issues.





sensuswatermeterSENSUS Water Meter:

In basement/crawlspace.

Records water usage for each home.


  • Do not tamper with or remove meter.
  • Contact RS&W immediately.



sensusmeterradioSENSUS Meter Radio:


Attached to foundation/exterior of house or 4x4 post out by meter pit.

Transmits meter reading & meter health data to SENSUS software.


  • Do not remove – Contact RS&W if this must be temporarily removed for construction.
  • Call RS&W if wire or device are damaged.





Know the components in your home & on your property

  • Do you have a primary grinder or secondary ejector pump in your basement or crawlspace?
  • Where is your meter located? Where is your main shut off valve located?
  • Where are your water & sewer shut off valves at the street? Are they accessible to RS&W?
  • In what vicinity, on your property, is your EcoTran power line to the Alarm Panel?


Reminders Regarding Utility Easements

  • The utility easements in the Hideout are 10 feet in from your property line along the road and 5 feet in from the property line along the sides and back of each lot.
  • Please note that the 10-foot area along the road starts at the property line, not at the edge of the road surface.
  • No permanent landscaping should be done in the easement area.
  • If RS&W needs to repair or replace a water or sewer line in the easement, the work involved may destroy what you have placed there.
  • Your water and sewer lines are buried on your property, and you need to pay special attention to this.
  • Water distribution lines and sewer collection lines are buried in the right-of-way that surrounds your property.