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Drought Watch Remains for 36 Counties, DEP Asks for Continued Voluntary Water Conservation

 2022 09 Drought

"The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today after a meeting of the Commonwealth Drought Task Force that, despite recent rainfall, 36 counties remain on drought watch, with continued voluntary water conservation requested."

Click here for more details.
We will continue provide updates on the progress of our water and sewer pipe replacement program here, so please visit this site again to keep up with the latest developments.

Click here for the Director's Corner and Project Q&A!

What is a Low-Pressure Sewer System?

What exactly is a Low-Pressure Sewer System? This sketch illustrates how such a system might look for homes with gravity and pumped sewer service laterals:

Home wastewater would be diverted to a new buried grinder pump station located on each lot. The grinder pump station would discharge to a new pressurized collection system. The grinder pump stations might be located anywhere along the general route of the home service lateral … near the street or near the homes themselves.


1. If you do not have a sewage pump inside your home:        


A. RS&W will purchase, install, own, and maintain the grinder pump installed near the street.       

B. Click Here for Information Regarding the new Grinder Pump Basin.


2. If you do have a sewage pump inside your home:


A.The cost for retrofitting an existing installation with a new pump and control system will be the responsibility of RS&W at no cost to the homeowner.        

B.Once installed and operational, the retrofitted sewage grinder pump installation will become the property of the homeowner, and the homeowner will be responsible for any and all maintenance to the grinder pump system just as they were for the previous pump.        

C.  Click Here for Information Regarding your Retrofitted Grinder Pump.


If you have recently received a call from our Construction Department or if you have any questions related to the project, please dial (570) 698-6162, press option 2.


Our System Needs Help

As we creep into the 21st century, the water and wastewater systems of The Hideout are deteriorating. Flows to the wastewater treatment plant, normally 4 hundred thousand gallons per day, are reaching amounts of greater than 4 million gallons per day after a rain event. Over a hundred repairs were made to the water system during 2009. Potable water loss is greater than fifty percent of what we are pumping from the ground. Band-aid repairs to the systems are no longer enough. A full scale evaluation is required in order to plan for and conduct major upgrades.



On March 11, 2010, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association; agent of South Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority had a Ground Breaking Ceremony for five major water and sewer infrastructure improvement projects.

For details on the projects and a map showing where the job sites are located within The Hideout, see this document:

RS&W Projects for 2010

Name (L-R) Title
Jack Lennox General Manager, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association
Jim Marzolino Kriger Construction
John Egan President, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association Board of Directors
Lew Critelli President, Wayne Bank
John Devine BCM Engineers
Charlie Dunn President, South Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority
Lisa Baker Pennsylvania State Senator, 20th District
Edward G. Staback Pennsylvania State Representative, 115th District
Mike Gallagher PENNVEST
Kevin Clancy Vice President, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association Board of Directors
Joan Murphy South Wayne County Water & Sewer Authority
Nick Altomare Chairman, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association Board of Directors
Betty Sullivan Treasurer, Roamingwood Sewer & Water Association Board of Directors


Other Projects:


CCTV inspection of sewer mains and laterals
For quite some time, Roamingwood has used camera systems to view the conditions inside our sewer system to locate leaks, damage, and obstructions within the pipes. More recently, we have used a robotic camera that can actually drive through our sewer mains to obtain high-quality color video and still pictures. Those videos and images are then brought into our Asset Management system (see below) to store them for future reference.

Eyes Underground – Sewer Inspection


Asset Management

RS&W has put together a computer system to manage information on our sewer and water system assets. This information along with the reports and overviews that it provides allows us to make better informed decisions in the operation and maintenance of our infrastructure.

Asset Management – Bringing RS&W into the Future


Public Notification

Roamingwood Sewer and Water will be using the Swift911 service from SwiftReach Networks to contact our customers quickly in the event of a service-related emergency. This system relies upon current emergency contact information, so please see our Homepage for instructions on how to update our records.

SwiftReach Networks

Water System Survey

We are in the process of surveying our water system, which includes obtaining locations for all valves and hydrants using GPS (Global Positioning System). This information will be added to our Asset Management database so we can provide accurate maps and better plan any future work on the water system.